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Games2Gaze is a video-games development & publishing company located in sunny Greece, Europe.  It is founded in November 2007 by game development professionals and today, a few years later, distributes several titles all over the world through valued partnerships. Also, a couple of new games are already under development.

Games2Gaze business partners are established video-games companies or teams with several years history in the market.  Independent partners are also experienced professionals in their fields: graphics, music, programming, scripting, design; everything that constitutes to a successful game production.

Games2Gaze offers game development outsourcing services to selected companies in a great quality value for money ranging from art and programming to scripting and design, too. Having proven video-games production capabilities and deadline-oriented flexible development teams a complete video game product can be delivered as requested and when expected.

Games2Gaze is always open to publishing deals and production co-operations in Greece and aboard. The existing game titles are available for Windows operating system for PC and in several languages but the titles under development target handheld consoles and mobile platforms, too.

Are you a company interested in Games2Gaze potentials or for partnership opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us at pr (at) games2gaze (dot) com at any time and our people will be happy to provide you with any relevant requested information.

For general inquiries or anything else please use the following address: info (at) games2gaze (dot) com.

Thank you for visiting us!

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